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Bobby Lee about BTC freedom / cryptocurrency market afloat

Bobby Lee about BTC freedom in today’s episode of crypto news with NakamotoJedi!

BTC is not only about money and crypto trading, it’s about freedom – this is what Bobby Lee told one of our jedis Leon Siegmund at BlockShow Singapore.

Though bitcoin dropped sharply, Quoine fintech company head Mike Kayamori claims that it’s not the bottom of Bitcoin. But after this cryptocurrency will reach its bottom, it is expected to skyrocket.

Bob Lee, Co-founder of BTCC, told us about the challenges of running a crypto exchange, crypto regulation, and btc price fluctuation. Who should know this better that the head of the very first bitcoin exchange in China?!

According to Bobby, bitcoin currency is not money but information. And information means freedom of life. With blockchain people will be able to control their money. With cryptocurrency we don’t need to trust governments but trust mathematics. Do you agree with Bob Lee? Write in the comments.

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